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The Joist Hanger

The joist hanger is a patented invention for construction projects. It simplifies the assembly of sheds, outhouses and other buildings and can be used to hang joists for floors or ceilings. No specialist skills are are required to use the joist hanger and it is a fast and safe way to assemble large structures. It has many distinct advantages:


Current Status

The joist hanger is at an advanced stage of development and looking to get to market in the near future.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please read more about the joist hanger or contact us directly.

The Joist Hanger in Pictures

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Featured Video: Building a deck walkway

Speed up time consuming building tasks with the precision engineered joist hanger. Watch this demonstration to learn how. Click on the link here for more information on the joist hanger or click through to see all our videos.